MSRP-sponsored research

Michael Dersam (MSRP 1992): "Biomechanics of bone allograft."

Robert Kersey (AHA FELLOWSHIP 1992): "Strain redistribution near proximally hydroxyapatite coated hip implants."

Joel Thompson (MSRP 1993): "Cancellous screw pullout in osteoporotic and osteoarthritic bone."

Deborah Wilson (MSRP 1993): "Model for assessing blood flow vs. strain factors in bone loss in space: Hydroxyapatite strain gauge bonding to rodent femora."

David Amstutz (MSRP 1996): "Feedback transmitter for orthopedic knee implants."

Tony Matthews (MSRP 1996): "Analysis of contact pressures of the patellofemoral joint to determine the merits of patellar resurfacing versus the native patellae in total knee arthroplasty."

Anthony Admire (MSRP 1998): "Material and mechanical aspects of knee implant wear."

Harvinder Maan (MSRP 1998): "Development of a knee telemetry data capture and feedback system."

Chad Fleming (MSRP 1999): "Precision laser measurement of polyethylene inserts removed from post-arthroplasty knees."

Andrew Price (MSRP 1999): "Monitoring spinal fusion in scoliosis patients."

Jennifer Slack (MSRP 1999): "Assessing spine fusion using calcium phosphate coated strain gauges."

Benjamin Muir (MSRP 2001): "Testing of a synthetic bone graft to measure loading changes during fusion."

Murat Dag (MSRP 2002): "Calibration of sensate scaffolds."

Jason Davis (MSRP 2004, 2006): "Characterizing native and engineered Hyaline cartilage using OCT."

Patrick Finkbone (MSRP 2004): "Failure strength of three suture materials following cyclic abrasion through an eyelet."

Chris Geffre (MSRP 2006, 2007): "In vivo load monitoring of the canine stifle during gait" and "Measurement and characterization of bone ingrowth into polymer scaffolds coated in TGF-ß1 and calcium phosphate ceramic particles."

Paul Manson (MSRP 2007): "Scanning, production and characterization of human-sized scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering."

David Margolis (MSRP 2007): "In vivo strain gauge attachment to mouse femora using commercially available hydroxyapatite."

Jeremy Nielsen (MSRP 2007): "Developing a mouse model of repetitive impact loading induced osteoarthritis."

Jamie Harris (MSRP 2009): "Development of a human-sized biomimetic scaffold to be tested in an ankle fusion model."

Nicholas Walter (MSRP 2009): "Evaluation of adipose derived stem cells collected from an animal model with rheumatoid arthritis and utilized for cartilage tissue regeneration."

Javier Rojas (MSRP 2011): "Correlating the Level of Load-Bearing Activity on the Medial Condyle of Canines and Cartilage Growth"

Research Distinction Track (advanced research)

Patrick Finkbone (Class of 2008): "Comparison of load measurement accuracy from scaffolds with and without cartilage layers."

Paul Manson (Class of 2010): "In vivo strain guage attachment to mouse femora."

David Margolis (Class of 2010): "In vivo strain guage attachment to mouse femora."

Chris Geffre (Class of 2012): "Real-time strain monitoring in mice during gait."

Mike Montague (Class of 2012): "Design and production of three scaffold models toward the development of a human scaffold to support tissue engineered cartilage."